Activity for Arthritis Relief

Plan regular physical activity on a daily basis. This is for the rest of your life, too, not just to lose 10 lbs, then stop. So plan accordingly, keeping in mind your monthly budget, seasonal weather changes, any equipment and attire needs, etc. Planning ahead avoids the stress of the unexpected; for example, on rainy days when you cant go jogging or walking.

Instead, with advanced preparation, you can simply pop in an exercise video or cassette, borrowed from the public library for that month. Keep a journal and note your progress and see which type activities you like best, which make you feel better and which help you with your overall health plans that may include weight loss or maintenance, and just getting out for some fresh air and sunshine.

Take Breaks Especially if your job involves a lot of sitting, get up and stretch your legs every 30 minutes or so. Shake out the stiffness.

Wrist Aids If youre at a keyboard all day, check out the latest wrist rests for your keyboard.

Alternate with hot and cold packs to help with any pain and stiffness that tries to pop up. (When alternating, allow body temperature to return to normal before switching pack treatments.) And nice hot showers or baths in the morning go a long way in helping loosen up those morning muscles and joints.