Arginine in Holistic Medicines

Alternative medicines provide many an interested consumer an opportunity to get to know their bodies better and in depth. Since many of them are based on herbs, the few that also rely on the supplementation of amino acids will offer consumer information that is interesting but at the same time leads to a bit of confusion.

After all, it has become part and parcel of the general understanding that amino acids are good, but exactly what they do – and how – is still shrouded in mystery for many.

It is no difference with arginine, an ingredient in many a nutritional supplement and now also a premier ingredient of holistic medicines that is touted as being absolutely essential, but which at the same time is also sometimes maligned as going hand in hand with causing systemic disturbances.

Who is right? Is arginine a safe ingredient for holistic medicine or should you stay away from any substance that shows it on its label?

Is it Safe?

When it comes to labels, you will now find notation of arginine on anything from nutritional supplements, energy drinks, holistic medicines that support bodily wellness, and even over the counter vitamins containing L-arginine which is purported to require supplementation.

In its purest form, arginine is an amino acid, one of the substances in the human body that is of vital importance and oversees such things as cell repairs, hormone balances, reproductive functions, and the production of red and white blood cells.

Arginine is found naturally in oatmeal and wheat germ, and to a lesser extent in beef. By far the best source of naturally occurring arginine is the peanut or the tuna fish. L-arginine has been proven by scientists to be at the forefront of cell renewal, repair, and overall health, while rumors on the Internet are now connecting the supplementation with arginine and the prevention or even treatment of erectile dysfunction, making it one of the most sought after amino acids used in supplementation to date.

It is noteworthy that scientists have held off suggestion out and out supplementation simply because there has been no proper dosage identified and instead it has been found that arginine is available in many of the foods currently being ingested, thus ensuring that the average consumer is ingesting sufficient amounts for a healthy balance within the body.

Holistic practitioners and physicians agree that supplementation of this amino acid may be highly suggested if you sustain extensive injuries and require surgery and thus require the body to also regenerate cells and weave together tissues once more.

Conservative estimates have put a safe daily dose of supplementation in such situations at about two grams, depending on the weight of the patient. Those who suffer from herpes will find that their outbreaks will increase in number if they supplement arginine without reason and thus they are sternly warned away from any holistic medicines containing this substance and others like it.

It is wise for any consumer considering supplementation with holistic medicines to consult with a physician first to ensure the safety of the drug but also the wisdom of ingesting it.

Top Photo by Sarahtz