Apple hires Swiss watch executive for iWatch development: Will it sell?

Apple’s latest hire could give big clues for where the company will be heading in the next few months. According to a report from Reuters, Apple has “poached” Tag Heuer from the Swiss watch brand. Heuer has long been a senior executive with the globally-recognized luxury watch company, and Apple is expected to use his expertise in the development of the iWatch, which will likely  hit the market this fall.

Apple will not be the first company to make a foray into wearable electronics. On the contrary, Samsung has already released a smart watch (to muted, lukewarm reception) and the Google Glass has been making waves around the world for at least a year now. However, Apple will hope to overcome skepticism for wearables in a way that neither of those companies have so far. Part of the issue Samsung and Google have faced is that their products are not fashionable at all. Many customers have been turned off of wearables simply because they look a little bit silly.

If any company can turn wearables into a sleek, aesthetically pleasing product line, though, it would be Apple. The late Steve Jobs was a huge purveyor of aesthetics, which is why the iPod, the iPhone, the Macbook Pro, and many of Apple’s other products are almost fashion statements by themselves. Since an iWatch would actually be a fashion accessory first and foremost, Apple will obviously want to make it look just as timeless and attractive as other luxury watches on the market.

That may be where Tag Heuer comes into the equation. Since the executive obviously knows his way around the wristwatch, he can help Apple beat the skepticism that wearable technology items have thus far faced.