Apple Cider Vinegar for Varicose Veins

One of my Grandmas favorite home-remedies is that old stand-by, apple cider vinegar. Every day she takes her “tonic” (1tsp apple-cider vinegar with 1 tsp honey mixed into a cup of warm or hot water) and she tells me that “its good for what ails you.” She originally began taking her tonic to address her arthritis, but now she feels that its effective in other areas, especially with varicose veins.

Whereas her home-remedy for arthritis has her drinking the apple-cider vinegar, she uses it here topically, directly on her skin. She told me that there are a couple of different ways to apply the apple-cider vinegar.

Straight from the Bottle

She says that the quickest and easiest way is to apply the apple-cider vinegar directly from the vinegar bottle onto the varicose veins. She says that shell usually do this when shes mixing her tonic, just a dab on each area where she sees the varicose veins. After applying the apple-cider vinegar to the affected areas, she likes to put her feet up onto a chair or ottoman while she sips her tonic. She said that ideally she does this twice a day, although some days she can only get to it once in a day. Grandma stays very active.

Cloth Dabbing Method

I asked her about another apple-cider vinegar method I had heard about. A person is supposed to drench a rag or a cloth with the vinegar and then lie down and apply the cloth directly to the area where the varicose veins exist. Try to stay down for at least 20 minutes or a half-hour to allow the vinegar to settle into your skin.

My Grandma said shes knows a couple of folks who use that method with the cloth, and that she chooses not to do it that way because shes been happy with her own method of just dabbing some directly out of the bottle. She said that regardless of the topical method you choose, you should also consider trying some of her tonic “so the stuff is working from the inside and the outside as well.”

Other Home Remedies

While her apple-cider vinegar regimen is her favorite (and she absolutely swears by it), she has found a few other home remedies (she calls them “common sense remedies”) that she believes can be of benefit. The most important thing is movement, she said, you have to see to it that your muscle tone doesnt turn into stone.

She does this primarily by walking, even if its just a stroll out to the mailbox and back or a walk around the block, she tries very hard to make sure that she gets out and moves at least once a day, ideally twice a day.
She said to remind everyone not to overdo it at first, and to be sure to check with their doctor before beginning a new fitness or healing project. She said “tell everyone to have a cup of apple-cider vinegar tonic and then to dab a bit onto those varicose veins.” Then commence to strolling. Good luck!

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