Having high blood pressure can greatly effect one’s quality of life, not to mention cause serious health problems such as a stroke and heart attack. There are millions of people who suffer from high blood pressure, and chances are, you or someone you know is among these millions.

Thus, you are probably looking for a way of preventing or at least managing your blood pressure. You’ve probably heard about anxiety being a possible cause of blood pressure, but aren’t sure if that is really the case. We’ll delve into the anxiety and blood pressure topic here.

What Anxiety Is

Ever felt like you just didn’t have enough time to do something? Or have you panicked about forgetting something? In both cases, you were probably suffering from anxiety, an issue that practically everyone experiences at one time or another. Anxiety can make you feel very jittery and anxious about something. It is not the healthiest thing to experience and can negatively affect your health.

What Blood Pressure Is

We hear all the time about blood pressure and it being an indication of our overall health. But what exactly is blood pressure? It’s a question often asked by patients, and for good reason: if it’s as important as people say it is, they should know what it is. The heart, as you know, is responsible for pumping blood to every area of the body so that the body can function normally. This blood is transported through arteries to all parts of your body. In basic terms, blood pressure is the force of the blood pushing against the walls of the arteries.

When this blood is pushed too lightly against the walls of the arteries, someone is said to have low blood pressure. When the push is too hard, someone is said to have high blood pressure.

What are the Symptoms of High Blood Pressure?

There really aren’t too many symptoms of high blood pressure. In fact, you may not even know if you have it. A lot of people who do have high blood pressure tend to have more headaches than usual, and so headache is said to be the most common symptom of high blood pressure. However, there really is no way of knowing for sure unless someone takes your blood pressure.

Is There a Connection Between Anxiety and Blood Pressure?

Now that you know what anxiety and blood pressure are, you’re probably wondering if the two are connected. It’s something that is still being debated in the medical community. The consensus right now is that anxiety can cause temporary spikes in high blood pressure, but it cannot cause a permanent spike. Thus, anxiety does not cause permanent high blood pressure, but can cause it to temporary go up.

That’s not to say that anxiety can’t cause permanent damage to the blood arteries. Someone who is anxious a lot and whose anxiety causes blood pressure to rise a lot may have just as much damage to their arteries as would someone who has high blood pressure.

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