Anti-Reflective Coatings for Glasses

Sometimes it can be more than a little overwhelming when you are shopping for new eyeglasses. After going through the eye exam and realizing you need updated glasses, you are forced to choose frames and lenses right away.

While choosing frames can be an easy and fun task, choosing the best lenses for your prescription is not always enjoyable.

Most people hate to think about lens options because they dont understand them or the differences between them. Most shoppers rely completely on their eye care professional and the store assistants for information and suggestions.

The problem with this is that the salespeople at the eyeglass stores often get commission for sales. When you purchase more expensive options, they get a bigger commission. Obviously they are going to try to up-sell to you. This can make it difficult to know which options you need and which options you can do without.

Anti-reflective coating for glasses is one of the most popular options available. This type of lens coating is one that seems simple enough: it cuts down on reflections. However, how do you know if you need this option or not?


If you do a lot of driving, especially at night, and you wear glasses, you probably notice that lights from the other vehicles on the road can make it difficult for you to see without dealing with a glare. This is not usually a huge problem for most people.

Those who travel a lot by car or commercial truck drivers can be annoyed by this problem however. When it comes to driving at night, you want to be able to see as clearly as possible in order to keep yourself and others on the road safe.

Anti-reflective coated lenses work great to help cut that night time glare down completely. If you have an occupation where you are on the road at night, you might want to consider this option. Otherwise, you would probably not need it for night time driving.

Computer Users

Another reason why you might want to consider getting your lenses coated with anti-reflective coating is if you use the computer a lot throughout the day. When you use a computer, you likely notice that by the end of the day your eyes are stressed and tired.

Studies show that wearing glasses that are coated with anti-reflective coating can cut down on that stress to your vision. While you may not notice a huge difference, as long as the anti-reflective coating is not too much more expensive, it is worth a try.

A Better Look

Some people love the anti-reflective coating on their lenses because they are great at cutting down on that eyeglass glare when people look at you or when you get your picture taken. Many people are easily distracted with the harsh glare of someones eyeglasses as they are talking with them.

This can be a big problem in the business world. Some eyeglass wearers always get this anti-reflective option for this reason alone. With great anti-reflective coating on your glasses, others may not be able to notice your lenses as much as they use to.

Visual Acuity

Studies show that when you wear glasses coated with anti-reflective coating, your eyes are able to take in more light. This means that your vision is ultimately better. You will be able to see in better contrast and with better clarity. This is most often true all day long, but especially true in dimmed areas.

If you work in a dimmed area, you might want to consider this optional coating. You will also notice that in movie theatres and other dimmed situations you will have better vision than before.

While it is completely up to you whether or not anti-reflective coating is necessary for yourself, there are a few benefits that should not be ignored. You should weigh the benefits with the extra cost to see if the price is worth it to you. If you drive a lot at night, there should be no question over having anti-reflective coated glasses.

However, if you dont drive at night, rarely use a computer, and could care less about what others think about your look, you might want to pass on this option.