Anthony Cumia, fans react to his firing over racist tweets

Shock disc jockey Anthony Cumia will not be reinstated to his Opie and Anthony SiriusXM satellite radio show, a source confirms to New York Daily News.

“I would say that he is history as far as any corporate-owned media are concerned,” said the source on Saturday.

Instead, the source says, Cumia, 53, plans to host a live podcast-style program from his home studio on Long Island.

Cumia was officially fired from Opie and Anthony on Friday after the disc jockey posted a number of hate-filled, racially charged tweets. Opie and Anthony features the two hosts, Cumia and Gregg “Opie” Hughes, joined by guest comedians who all discuss sociopolitical issues and popular culture.

“It’s really open season on white people in this day and age,” reads one of the tweets. “No recourse. Fight back and you’re a racist. The predators know this. Good luck.”

Cumia posted the tweets following an incident in which he claims a black woman punched him in the face in New York City’s Times Square.

“There’s a deep-seeded problem with violence in the black community. Try to address it and you’ll be exiled to racistville,” reads another. “But it’s real.”

“The c–t animal kept walking into my arm I had up as a block saying, ‘DON’T TOUCH ME!'” reads yet another tweet. “Then would hit me. I hope a home boy beats her to death.”

The tweets were deleted early Saturday morning.

Fans of Cumia responded to his firing with an online petition demanding his reinstatement. If his supporters’ demands were not met, they would boycott the subscription satellite radio service.

A member of your staff should not lose their job for exercising their First Amendment right to free speech,” reads the petition. “You should be ashamed of your actions.”

The petition gathered nearly 4,000 signatures.