Obesity and Anorexia

First, it is important to realize that obesity is when someone is overweight generally. Typically, an obese person is someone who has too much body fat compared to their body size. For example, someone who has a large bone structure can generally handle more body fat on their frame than someone who has very small bones.

On the other hand, anorexia is an eating disorder, which causes people, mostly women to have an intense fear of becoming fat. Generally, obesity and anorexia are not found in the same person because an anorexic typically is very skinny and does not have enough body fat to be considered obese.

The main reason for this is because an anorexic persons body eats the body fat stored in the body for energy. While this can give someone a sleek appearance, it simply is not a healthy lifestyle to adapt at all.

Many who are anorexic end up being hospitalized because they lose so much weight that it becomes a major health hazard. The body also tends to view food as the enemy and someone who is anorexic also tends to have great difficulty eating after a while. Because of the severe reduction in the amount of food consumed, an anorexic will often not eat in front of people so that it is not immediately obvious that there is a problem.

Symptoms of Anorexia

Because of the seriousness of anorexia, there are several symptoms that should be watched for. The first to watch for is a refusal to eat in public. Most anorexics do not want people to see what they eat because they feel as if they are eating far too much even if they are actually eating far too little.

Other symptoms include the appearance of brittle skin, shortness of breath and even becoming weak because of the lack of food to use for energy. Anorexics are also quite concerned about the number of calories they consume each day and with each meal.

They become obsessed with counting each calorie and reducing their intake as much as possible. Finally, in women anorexia tends to cause the absence of menstrual periods.

Causes of Obesity

There are several common causes of obesity with the first being eating too much food. While eating some light or diet foods can really help, reduce obesity it is not an excuse to consume more food than you had previously.

In addition consuming too much alcohol can also increase obesity as well as a lack of exercise can increase your chances of obesity.

Healthy Treatment Options

One of the best options you have to treat both obesity and anorexia is a healthy lifestyle. If you eat healthy, and ensure you exercise properly to help maintain a healthy weight.

It is very difficult for anorexics to eat a healthy diet, just as it is difficult for someone who is obese to eat a healthy diet. An obese person must choose healthy low fat options, while an anorexic person must come to terms with the fact that they must eat in order to be healthy.

As you can imagine both obesity and anorexia is very difficult to deal with and handle properly without making the consequences to your health even worse. If you are attempting to manage your weight, you should always consult with a doctor to ensure you are following a proper diet plan, which includes enough calories for your body style as well as enough exercise to maintain a proper weight.