Alternative Treatments For Menopause Symptoms

Theres good news for menopausal women these days. In the past women have had no choice about menopausal treatment. Doctors have conventionally only offered hormone replacement therapy as a logical treatment for the symptoms associated with menopause. Today however there are other alternative treatments that are making waves in the fields of menopause and post menopause.

These treatments are a more natural and are often very effective. Although you may not be familiar with them, people have been using them since the beginning of time. Have a look at some of the following alternative treatments for menopause and consider if they may possibly work for you.

Naturopathic Medicine

A mode of medicine using herbs, homeopathy, and other treatments like acupuncture for illnesses or bothersome symptoms. It is being used more and more for menopause as well. Experts warn that women who are at high risk for developing heart disease or other serious illnesses correlated with menopause should consider traditional treatments like hormone replacement therapy. Those at low risk however can opt for a completely natural method such as this one. Combining all of the natural treatments to find the best route for you is what this alternative treatment is all about.


Studies show that many herbs are very effective at controlling menopause and the symptoms associated with it. Black cohosh is widely used for hot flashes while St. Johns Wart is a popular herb for moodiness or anxiety. Herbs have been used since the beginning of time by different groups of people. They are still widely used in the non-Western world. They are becoming more and more common in the West as well however.


Those who favor alternative medicine will tell you that vitamins used in higher doses than usually can help ease the symptoms of menopause. At different times in your life, your body will naturally lack different vitamins. While you can often get the nutrients you need from food, talk with your doctor about extra supplements that may help you throughout menopause.


Soy has many different benefits for the body. It has shown to lower blood pressure and helps stimulate disease preventing antibodies in the body. It has also been known to help prevent hot flashes in women going through menopause. If you don’t get enough soy, you can take soy tablets or try soy butter, soy milk, or other soy products.


Diet is a large part of why some people feel good and others don’t. Have you ever noticed that when you eat a lot of junk food you really feel horrible physically?

During menopause your body needs proper nutrition. It is best to stick with as many fruits, vegetables, and grains as you can during this time. Try to stay away from fats and red meat.

These alternative treatments are wonderful for women who want to stay as natural as possible throughout menopause. Remember however that some women will need hormone replacement therapy. You should talk with your doctor and make the decision together regarding your treatment plans.