Alternative Hormone Replacement Therapy

Every woman encounters the natural process that is menopause as she approaches her late 40s to 50s. They do experience discomfort such as insomnia, decreased sex drive and hot flashes while going through menopause. Many women look for treatments to help ease those unpleasant side effects. Prescription hormone replacement drugs and patches can help during menopause, but there are also a number of alternative remedies that can be just as effective.

Alternative treatments for menopause are commonly used in tandem with other methods of hormone therapy. This can include prescription therapy or taking vitamins and minerals. All of these forms of therapy can alleviate the side effects of menopause, while helping a woman live her life normally. In addition, alternative forms of hormone replacement therapy can be used alone while experiencing menopause.

Cranberry extract is one common herbal supplement used to help alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Cranberry has long been recognized as a good remedy for urinary tract disorders and bladder problems. In addition, cranberry has been used to help prevent kidney stones and to remove certain toxins from the bloodstream. Women experiencing menopause can be more prone to bladder infections and recurrent urinary tract infections. Drinking daily amounts of pure cranberry juice or taking cranberry supplements can decrease the chance of developing these disorders during menopause.

Another alternative remedy recommended to women in menopause is the herb Dong Quai. While this herbal supplement can cause some side effects if taken in excess, it has been shown to help a wide variety of female disorders. Taking this herb can relieve menstrual cramping and can act as a mild laxative. It believed to help alleviate general complaints of menopause such as hot flashes. It is commonly used in China for menopausal women, but should never be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Acidophilus is another widely used herbal supplement for women in menopause. It is a natural bacteria that lives in the GI tract and in the vagina. This bacterium is very useful in fighting off bad bacteria that can cause infections and irritations. Women with a low amount of this type of good bacteria can suffer from yeast infections that can lead to itching, burning and inflammation. This herbal supplement can be taken in oral pill form and is also widely available in liquid, capsule and powder form. It can easily be found at health food stores. The recommended dosage is usually divided into three doses per day.

These are just some examples of alternative remedies that woman can use while undergoing menopause. Many times, women may prefer to use herbal supplements and vitamins in addition to prescription hormone replacement therapy. There are also daily supplements that are available through health food stores that combine several beneficial herbal supplements into one or two doses a day. Any woman interested in taking herbal supplements should carefully research these supplements. The FDA does not approve many and some might have adverse side effects when taken with prescription medications. It is always best to tell your doctor if you plan on taking any herbal supplements.

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