Alternative Hepatitis C Treatments

Not all treatments for the Hepatitis C virus consist of drug therapy. As reported by both the National Institute of Health and the National Center of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine many patients use more then the standard methods supplied by their health care providers to treat the Hepatitis C virus that they are infected with.

Studies show that sixty two percent of American adults use alternative methods to accompany their basic drug therapy. These alternatives are commonly prayer or natural supplements. If you take away those two methods, thirty six percent of those being treated are still using some supplementary options in treatment.

Complementary Medicine

Complimentary and alternative medicine is commonly known as CAM. This is an approach more often used by American women than men and unlike what many may picture they usually have a better than average education. Why do people use these alternatives when they can simply go along with what the health care providers suggest in a method of therapy?

There are usually several reasons. The standards ones revolve around cost, effectiveness of the drug therapy, and lack of progress with conventional medications. As well, there are diminished side effects, cultural background and the ability to have more control over their treatment plan.

Risky Groups

Before thinking about whether this is an approach you want to try you should be certain that you dont fall into one of the categories where supplemental treatment may not be the best idea. These include pregnant or lactating women, babies and small children, or those who have had an organ transplant.

Anyone who is in the stage of having a decompensated liver, meaning that the liver is very badly damaged and is not functioning properly, should not attempt alternative treatments. Nor should those with any complimentary medial condition or someone who is scheduled for any kind of surgery, even if its dental surgery.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you choose to use alternative methods of treatments these should not remain secret from your health care provider. Even if they dont agree with what you are doing it may influence tests results and so they have a right to know what therapies their patients are using. It is unwise to discontinue the drug therapy treatments your physician is suggesting to try a natural only method of treating yourself.

This is because although some alternative methods have some positive results they do not have proven cure rates. They more often used to help offset the side effects of the drug therapy. Since medications and herbs can interact with each other in negative ways it is important for you to research thoroughly, and talk to your doctor, so you are careful which supplements you choose to try.

Although some clinical trials have been conducted on these other methods of infection control, more are needed to determine what, if any, benefits there truly are to these alternatives. Dont be discouraged, its all right to try other methods to help speed your recovery from hepatitis, just be aware that you must make your choices carefully.