Allergies and Sinus Infections

Do you suffer from frequent sinus infections? Do you also suffer from allergies? Have you ever wondered if there was a connection between the two? In order to understand the connection you have to examine what makes a sinus infection happen.

A sinus infection occurs whenever something obstructs the flow of air through the sinus passages. When this happens the sinus passages have difficulty draining. They can become obstructed by anything that causes the lining of the sinuses to swell. Colds, allergies, and irritants can do this including cigarette smoke, tumors, and a decrease in hydration, even overuse of sinus sprays. When you suffer from allergies what makes you sneeze and causes your sinus passages to swell causes you to also have your sinus infection symptoms.

Those allergies can also make you more sensitive to changes in humidity, weather temperature changes, irritants like smoke, fragrances, and other allergies that are common like pollens, molds and even ragweed.

Types of Sinus Infection

There are several types of sinus infections: acute, subacute, chronic, infectious and noninfectious. Noninfectious sinus infections are those that are caused by irritants and allergic conditions.

When individuals make progress towards controlling their allergic reactions so that they have fewer of them and they experience less symptoms than they will more than likely experience less sinus infections.

Your doctor can help you to design a treatment plan for your allergies so that you can find greater relief from your symptoms. Speak to your doctor about your past sinus infections and whether or not they were noninfectious sinus infections. Ask your doctor about the connection between the allergic reactions that you have had and the occurrence of these past sinus infections.


There is a relationship also between the amount of water we take into our bodies and the ability of our body to deal with allergic reactions and the occurrence of sinus infections. It has already been stated the nasal passages need to stay moist because when they are dry it makes them difficult to drain. Hydrating your body with water allow your body to function well.

Some medications that we take for allergic reactions can also dry out our body so it is important that we may attention to the effects our medication has on physical aspects of our body. The combination of lack of water, drying from antihistamines and the irritations that sinus passages endure from allergies can all add up to the makings of a sinus infection.

Allergies becoming worse can also worsen sinus infections. Taking care to receive medical treatment for allergies can aid in the care of other conditions such as sinus infections. Take good care of your allergy symptoms and you just may ward off later problems with your sinuses.