Allergies in Cesarean Section Babies

Cesarean births are on the increase and as a result, it seems there is an increase in infant allergies. In fact, recent studies have shown that allergies in Cesarean section babies are a very real problem during the first year of birth.

One of the most common allergies in C-section babies is the allergy to cows milk, which was twice as high as babies born through vaginal birth. And both moms and dads also often miss it.


Your baby may suffer colic, have more diarrhea, have a fowl-smelling stool, develop a rash, or a host of other obscure symptoms that can be easily missed. Allergies in Cesarean section babies are very common, yet pediatricians often fail to discuss this with parents.

Allergies are especially difficult to diagnose by parents in very young infants. After all, it is a time when mom and baby are getting to know each other; it can be difficult to know just whats causing certain symptoms. For example, a rash is often attributed to your baby being too warm. If you missed diagnosing your infants, allergies dont beat yourself up.

However if you find your baby suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above, or any other unusual symptoms dont be afraid to ask your pediatrician about allergies in Cesarean section babies and see if that could be your babys problem.

Allergies On The Rise

Some studies have indicated that allergies in Cesarean section babies are on the rise and they can continue into later years in life. Asthma can also develop, as well as hypertension, and schizophrenia both being more common if your baby is born by C-section.

But dont panic. The evidence isnt completely clear and you know how studies go, they can change daily. If you need a C-section, you need it and thats all there is to it. Its for the safety of you and your baby.

Should You Have A C-Section?

However, cesarean deliveries are on the rise and studies have shown that this is a result of both obstetricians, and families with busy lives, that prefer a scheduled delivery.

Because of the known association of allergies in Cesarean section babies, you should rethink any Cesarean that isnt necessary. Studies also show women may also have increased risk in future pregnancies.

Other Health Issues

Besides allergies in babies birthed by Cesarean section there are some other concerns that have rising. C-section babies are less likely to be breast-fed and as a result, they are more likely to have breathing difficulties.

Besides the more common allergies, Cesarean section babies may also have an increased risk of food allergies and diarrhea during infancy and toddler years. Studies have also shown a higher chance of allergies in all dairy products.

There are studies being conducted around the world on allergies in babies and there still needs to be more research but one of the common theories is that the baby misses out on some type of immune booster, bacteria, or even enzyme when it is not delivered vaginally.

Whatever the reasons that allergies in Cesarean section babies are more common, at the end of the day if you need a C-section you should have it. After all, there are risks to vaginal births too and if you or your baby are in trouble, you should not hesitate on having a Cesarean delivery.