If you are one of the patients that almost religiously reads through the patient information pamphlet contained in various drug sample packages, you might have come across the name aldactone more than once. As a matter of fact, it is known as being the kind of drug component that fulfills a plethora of needs, depending on the chemicals and other drug components with which it is paired.

Lowers Testosterone

In its simplest form, aldactone is a substance that actively decreases the presence of the male hormone testosterone in the body. While it does not directly affect the formation of the hormone, it lessens the natural occurrence to such an extent as to bring about changes in physique and even behavior that are associated with testosterone.

Examples of the uses individuals have for aldactone may be for hair loss in women who are overly hairy. A condition known as hirsutism, women with excessive body hair are diagnosed as having an overabundance of testosterone in their systems which is directly associated with the excess bodily hair.

Another use for aldactone is found in treatment during gender reassignment surgery and the aftermath as well as in children where gender determination was unclear and the consensus between parents and physicians has become to raise a child as a girl. This necessitates the suppression of the male characteristics brought on by testosterone, and with the help of this drug children are able to lead normal lives while looking and also feeling like the gender which has been assigned to them.

The Statin Effect

While this answers the question what is aldactone and why is it found in prescription drugs, there is a more startling reason why this substance is suddenly realizing an upswing in popularity: aldactone is thought to have a statin-like effect on patients at risk for heart disease and much like many a hair growth product was born from a pleasing side effect, with aldactone this side effect may propel it once again into the headlines as another option for decreasing the risk for strokes.

Of course, this honeymoon phase with the drug may be rather short lived since there are few men willing to forego masculinity in an effort to ensure a healthy heart. At the same time, there are some isolated studies that suggest aldactone is complicit with causing serious episodes of gastrointestinal bleeding in addition to potentially introducing substances to the body that may be connected to the presentation with cancer.

Even as it is known to be useful with respect to heart health, there have been incidents of heart palpitations, especially when taken by overzealous teens that have been prescribed the substance to counteract severe acne brought on by hormonal balance problems.

Thus the seeming ubiquitous presence of the prescription drug compound in a variety of medicines may be a blessing or curse, depending on how convinced of the dangers of the substance you are, but it is indeed a viable reason for making the case to your physician to consider prescribing a substance devoid of aldactone.

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