African American Men and Prostate Cancer

Scientists really have no clear explanation of this phenomenon, but studies show that prostrate cancer is more common in African-Americans than with any other race. According to the study conducted by the American Cancer Society, African-Americans are twice more likely to die of prostate cancer than white men.

The same study pointed out that where prostate cancer rates is high in countries located in North America and the Northwestern Europe, it is less common in Asia Africa, Central and South America. Asian men are the least likely to be affected of prostate cancer, although this does not mean that they dont really get the disease at all.

Diet a Factor?

According to some scientists, lifestyle and diet are probably the factors that affect the distribution of the prostate cancer cases. In most cases diagnosed with prostate cancer, the men involved have high fat and red meat diet. Often times, men who are meat eaters also consume a great deal of dairy products, which is saturated with fats. The same group is also known to consume less fruits and vegetables.

Studies could not really say whether the increase in risk is associated with the red meat and high fat diet or the fact that these men are not taking in enough fibers, which are present in fruits and vegetables. Others would suggest that the increase in the risk is due to the combination of both.

Surveys show that African-Americans consume larger amounts of red meat and high fat dairy products that white Americans and the Asian men. Asian men also consume greater amount of white meat in the form of fish and poultry as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Fitness and the Sedentary Lifestyle

Aside from food and diet, which are recognized as factors for increasing risk in prostate cancer, several studies show that men who lead a sedentary life are more prone to prostate cancer. Men who are past the age of 65 who led an active life and gets enough exercise a day are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer than those who seldom venture into the outdoors.

Aside from the lack of exercise, smoking is found to be one of the factors that increase the risk of prostate cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, men who smoke are more likely to get prostate cancer in the later part of their lives than those who do not smoke.

For people who would like to decrease their risk of getting prostate cancer, a change in diet and lifestyle is in order. First thing to go is that cigar in your hand. If you are an African-American, with more reason why you should throw that cigarette away, that could cost you your life. Next is to stop eating those steaks and those dairy products dripping with fats. Mind you, fish, fruits and vegetables are just as delicious as those red meats.

Now, for those men who are leading a sedentary life, turn-off that TV and get up from that couch. Stretch those legs and flex those muscles by taking walks around the neighborhood. Exercising by walking will not only improve your health and prevent prostate cancer; it will also brighten your moods and give you a chance to socialize

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