Aerobics Certification

While looking around for places where one can obtain aerobics certification, one should not overlook the ExpertRating aerobics certification, which provides trusted service having certified, it is believed, more than 200,000 professionals in more than 40 countries and spanning over 100 areas of skill. Prominent companies like Convergys Corp., Deltek Corp., IKEA Systems and Ericksson have all used ExpertRating testing services.

The ExperRating aerobics certification is a premier international certification that is accepted by hundreds of employers as well as Government bodies, both in the US as well as overseas. ExpertRating has online facilities and is equipped with a huge store of information that is contained in their exhaustive courseware.

A Must For Any New Aerobics Instructor

It is possible to purchase Aerobics certification by paying approximately fifty dollars and, for this amount, one is provided with thorough courseware as well as covering the examination fees.

There are 150 pages of courseware that include many animated illustrations of the different step aerobics and stretching exercises.

Even if one does not live in the US, they can make worldwide delivery via airmail of the Aerobics certificate, which can prove useful to certify the competence achieved.

The process of obtaining aerobics certification is quite simple and all one needs to get started is to purchase the ExpertRating Aerobics certification for fifty dollars and then log in to the ExperRating account and access the aerobics courseware, so provided.

Time Needed

It may take anywhere from one week to a whole month to complete the course and is dependent on the amount of work that one puts into achieving one’s goals. One can also take the certification exam at one’s own convenience and it is also possible to take the examination within a year of purchasing the certification.

The examination is based on the contents of the courseware and, if one has properly gone through it, there should not be any problem with passing the exam, which consists of multiple choice questions covering all the chapters of the courseware.

The complete courseware consists of information and animated illustrations concerning Aerobics business, fitness theories, what are aerobic exercises all about, techniques concerned with step aerobic exercises, nutrition, hydration, injuries resultant of sports, first aid as well as CPR and a few other important topics as well.

This course goes a long way in kick starting one’s aerobics instructor career. In case one fails the exam, one can always buy a retake for $10 and there is also no renewal fee, currently.