Aerobic Dance Steps

A wonderful exercise regimen that provides multiple benefits to the participant is aerobics. These benefits include the burning of calories, possible weight-loss or maintaining weight, and a cardiovascular workout that stimulates the heart and lungs.

Another benefit of aerobics may include the combined component of listening to music. Combining music with exercise provides a wonderful stimulus and enjoyment in performing the exercise.

Also, countless aerobic classes are comprised of many exercise enthusiasts. The benefits of exercising with others provide motivation and accountability in maintaining the exercise program.

In addition, many aerobic classes combine aerobic dance steps with the exercise program. These aerobic dance steps add an additional level of enjoyment to your exercise program by choreographing dance steps to music.

Perhaps you think that all of this might be a bit too much, especially since you feel that you were born with two left feet. However, it is not as difficult as it may seem. A few tips that may help in performing aerobic dance steps include imitating the instructor, understanding the basics, and remembering that you are the audience.

Imitating The Instructor

Before beginning an aerobic dance step workout, you probably have had the opportunity to witness classes that were being conducted at your fitness center or possibly at your church. You may have been impressed with the high levels of energy and the coordination of those who were performing aerobic dance steps.

You may have even felt a little intimidated. However, it is important to remember that everyone in the class was, at one point in time, at the same level that you are at now in beginning the aerobic dance step class.

Above the music in an aerobic dance step class, the leader will be shouting out instructions to the class. The instructor will be leading the group, shouting out instructions to the class and will be using the words left and right.

These refer to either the left or right arm or leg. The best advice in learning the aerobic dance steps is to ignore the commands, at first from the instructor, and simply imitate their lead.

Understanding The Basics

Aerobic dance step patterns are usually measured in beats. These beats, per minute, usually total 32 or 64. However, it is important again not to worry about counting the total beats, but simply follow the lead of the instructor. Generally, in keeping time, the only counting that needs to be done is in intervals of four and eight.

This is because the entire dance step segment falls into either one of these counts. A typical aerobic dance step segment is performed in four or eight counts and is then followed with a separate segment using four or eight counts. Ultimately the steps will add up to 32 or 64.

In addition to dance steps, the routine may eventually call for arm movements. These arm movements are added to the mix to increase the heart rate. Remember it is important to feel comfortable with the basic aerobic dance steps and then add other movements at your own pace.

Remembering You Are The Audience

It is important to remember that you are performing the dance steps to improve your health and general well-being. Therefore, try not to be self-conscious when performing the steps.

If there are times where you are out of step or do not get the routine right away, remember that any actions you perform will be beneficial and that you are doing aerobic dance steps for you.

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