Adjustable Gastric Banding

Those considering weight loss surgery may discover that there are several types of surgery available to them. Each of these options will differ by physicians recommendations as well as your preference. If you are looking for the right type of surgery to help with your weight loss, then you may want to look into adjustable gastric banding. This particular type of surgery follows specific procedures that allow for you to loose the weight that you need.

What is Gastric Banding

An adjustable gastric band weight loss surgery begins with dividing the stomach into a lower and upper portion. The band is then placed around the upper part to make a stomach pouch. The band that is used will have an open area between the upper and lower stomach which then regulates how much food moves into one place.

This will allow for you to receive the nutrients that you need and will also help with controlling your food portions. From here, the band is attached to a tube that moves to the band from your chest. This is placed in the muscles of your chest. This will be monitored in order to add or take away fluids that are in the band, causing the band to tighten or loosen.

After the Operation

There are several things to look for after you have had adjustable gastric banding as your procedure. For example, if the band is too tight or too loose, it will cause side effects like reflux, problems with swallowing or heartburn. However, by re-adjusting the band after these problems occur, it will prevent future problems like this from occurring. One of the reasons why the adjustable band is used is to prevent the majority of the problems and side-effects to happen.

The band that is used will continue to be adjusted to the needs that you have at the time. This will be determined by how much weight is being lost, as well as how much time has passed from the surgery. Often times, surgeons will recommend to make the band tighter or looser in order to speed up the weight loss procedure.

What to Look for

Tightening or loosening the band after you have had surgery will also be looked into and determined by several other signs. For example, if it is seen that you are struggling to loose one to two pounds a week, the surgeon may recommend loosening the band. If the band is too tight, you will have trouble eating and drinking fluids and will have the side-effects mentioned before. These are important to pay attention to after you have had the surgery in order to ensure your weight loss.

If you are looking into weight loss surgeries, having an adjustable gastric banding procedure done is often popular. Because it reduces side-effects, and can eliminate problems with adjustment, several surgeons will recommend this as an option for their patients. This surgery can then be a beginning to loosing the weight that you need and moving from being morbidly obese to being in complete health.

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