Behavioural Coping Skills for ADD

A combination of behavior and cognitive therapy has been found to help modify some ADD behaviors. It also helps ADD sufferers handle the emotional effects of their disorder. Basically, there are four key issues involved in behavior modification programs:

1. Start with goals that the person can achieve in small steps.
2. Be as consistent as possible with times of the day, days of the week, environment, and associated people.
3. Implement behavioral modifications all along the way, long-term. I.e. dont wait until the end to introduce everything.
4. Take learning the new skills process a little each day, one day at a time.

Check with your ADD resources for help learning and incorporating new behavioral skills. There are a variety of treatment programs for adults and children, from workshops and classroom instruction to videos and audiocassettes and more. See which options fit into your lifestyle and budget and dont be afraid to experiment with something new.

Hang in there! Just like anything else in life, there are ups and downs when dealing with ADD. What will drive you to successful living is dedication, persistence and a little elbow grease, during those down or tough times. Here are a few ADD tips.

First and foremost, is to focus daily on your overall health, both in mind and body. Eat right, exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day, get enough rest, avoid unhealthy places, substances, people; in short take good care of yourself. Be your best friend and your body (and mind) will thank you during those difficult days.

Next, always continue your education, either formally or informally. No need to enroll in a university. Continue to read nonfiction about your work, health and personal interests, participate in organizational events in your industry, attend a class or workshop series once a year. Keep up! Use your brain and put it to work for you and believe it or not, some ideas just might surface on tough days to get you through the challenging times; you might remember others who survived and overcame their own challenges and put some of their tips to work, for instance.