Daily Living ADD Tips

1. Often the most obvious is overlooked. If you or someone you know suspects ADD/ADHD, seek help. Ignorance is NOT always bliss!

2. Seek treatment solutions that work best for YOU. And support those others choose for themselves.

3. Continue your education about ADD / ADHD. Research continues daily. Keep up with the latest research, books, treatments; check out new workshops in your area, delve into new online resources, etc. Information can mean healing power.

4. Think long-term and dont be afraid of change. Since there is no cure for ADD, always be open and willing to try to modifying behaviors and managing other symptoms with revised aids. For example, get on a mailing list for Franklin Covey planning products. If your budget, circumstances and time allow, experiment with computerized organizational and planning tools, sync them with print versions. Remember Aesops, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

5. Network. Subscribe to healthcare association publications. Attend meetings and other events in your area. Meet people, compare coping strategies, learn about new products and services out there to help, make new friends, have fun. Dont let ADD keep you down and out. Get involved and be supportive of others, too.

6. Identify any money-handling areas and get help. Ask your banker to help teach you how to balance your checkbook, reduce your credit card debt, create a monthly budget and save a little. Times change, expenses change, how to handle money changes. So what you may have learned in your early years, may be different today. Savings accounts sure earn a lot less interest, for example. So there may be alternative methods offering better benefits for you. Multiple credit cards can mess you up, so only use one. And online bill paying may help you set up automated, regular payments so that your bills get paid on time every month from now on. So do a little research online and at your local banks to see what you can find; what helpful tips, products and services are available.

7. Keep a To-Do or Wish List going just for FUN things! If you just focus on work priorities, you may eventually get caught up in lifes daily grind and get depressed (feeling like youre getting nowhere). So start a list and jot down things youd like to do, rewards youd like to strive for, people you’d like to have fun with, places youd like to go, etc. And make them happen! Work one into your schedule every week, for example. By planning, you WILL work these goodies in and find more enjoyment in life. Another rewarding aspect of this is that during difficult days, youll have good things to look forward to and can maybe even jumpstart a good mood by selecting one that fits into your plans and budget that day, like a bike ride to the park with a friend.

8. Develop your sense of humor. Learn to laugh at your own self, your own mistakes, and lighten up. Add some humor into your day, a half-hour sitcom, a humorous radio show during your commute, the Sunday and daily comics. Remember that old saying, “Laughter is the best medicine?” Time to laugh! Prescribe some for yourself.