Time Management for ADD

No need to go it alone! Get help with managing time, thoughts and things. Carry around a small notebook with a calendar insert and pencil, and USE them. Jot down to-dos, log deadlines, tests and meetings, jot down notes for tomorrow, etc. For more help, try a planning system from the local office supply store or check online for planning pages to download and make your own planner system.

Ask your local or school librarian for help finding organization and planning books, videos, cassettes and other resources. And theres no need to reinvent the wheel, either! Use what works for others. Ask for recommendations from family, friends, teachers, neighbors and co-workers. For better timing, set your watch or timed email alert to notify you to upcoming changes or scheduled events.

Managing large and / or long-term projects? Get help! Ask you manager or teacher to help you break down the project into smaller steps of chunks. Maybe you work with a temporary helper, too, or team up with a fellow classmate? And see about finding better ways to handle the tasks- maybe use subfolders to help organize materials more clearly, print out hard copies of online documents for marking up purposes and seek advice from more experienced workers or students, for starters.

Have difficulties dealing with tough clients? Dealing with tough co-workers or immature students? Working with and being around people day in and day out can be challenging in itself. Check out books on how to handle difficult people and how to handle workplace issues. Find and attend relationship-building workshops. Try different settings.

For example, maybe work in a department with less contact would be better, maybe even a home office setting. Check with supervisors and your advisor to see what options are available. And check with others in the industry, like through organizations that your company or major is associated with, and see what other workers do. Maybe you can job-share or present your own alternative solution written out and well planned in advance.

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