Filing and Management Systems – ADD Coping Skills

While organizing, youll run across all sorts of items youll want to keep for later reference and use, like brochures, letters, instructions, account information, etc., in print or hard copy format and online via email and other computer- and online-generated format.

So learn to create and maintain real world and computerized filing systems. Get coaching here, too, from someone you know and trust who successfully maintains his or her own systems regularly. And refer to your books and other resources about your computer model and on home filing systems. For starters, you can set up a box with manila folders for hard copy materials. And create simple folders under “My Files” on your computer to save electronic data.

Organizational Management Strategy Keep everything in ONE planner. And take your planner around with you throughout the day. There is software out there that syncs handheld and print planners. So find out what your needs and budget are and make sure to keep only ONE planner system going.

Make it a habit to log everything in there and use it DAILY. Spend at least 15 minutes a day in quiet, reviewing and planning for the next day. Then at the beginning of the next day, take at least 5 quick minutes to glance at your whole day of plans to make sure of your plan of action for that 24-hour period.

Check off items as they are completed each day. And reward yourself! It doesnt have to be a monetary reward, either. Enjoy some extra time listening to your favorite music, cooking your favorite meal or spending time with your best friend as a reward.

What works and what doesnt? Take notes. Did you miss a meeting? Why – -was your cell phone alarm not set properly? Or did you forget to log it maybe? Mistakes can and will happen. No one is perfect. So accept errors, forgive yourself and move on. Prepare better next time.

Carry blank pages in your planner for taking notes. Jot down ideas for improvement
maybe youre trying to do too much in one day? Maybe youre misjudging the time it takes to get back and forth to work? Maybe you have your priorities mixed up? Something happens to everyone at one time or another. Stop and take a second to have a look see. Remember, “Slow and steady wins the race!”