Acupuncture for Restless Leg Syndrome

For centuries, acupuncture has been a well known practice, today it is used often for relief of arthritis and related symptoms such as Restless Leg Syndrome. Within the realm of acupuncture, RLS is seen as a disorder related to the spleen. As a traditional Chinese medical technique practiced as a way to keep a persons Chi in continuous movement.

It is believed that all energy, or Chi, travels through the body on specific pathways. In acupuncture, special needles are used to stimulate the bodys energy to once again together the yin and yang, considered to be the balance that is needed for a healthy system. Acupuncture then is used when a person is ill, or in Chinese medicine the Chi is obstructed.

Acupuncture Forms

Acupuncture itself is well known by most people, but there are variations to the practice with the basic idea that the answers for relief are found in needles being placed in certain areas of the body.

One choice may be Auriculotherapy, or ear acupuncture, uses the ear instead of the body as a map to the bodys organs. With Auriculotherapy a needle is inserted into a specific part of the ears that will pertain to the organ in question. Also Iridology follows the same idea with a map of the body being held in the Iris and Reflexology where the sections of the foot are used for relief.

When it comes to RLS, acupuncture can be used in addition to both traditional medicines and natural treatments. By using treatments such as acupuncture there is the hope that it will lessen the need for future treatments that may include medications. Acupuncture has had success in the past when used by patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis; in this case needles are inserted into the body sending a message tot eh brain, which in turn releases the bodys endorphins or natural pain killers.

In the same way, it is believed that acupuncture will have a similar effect on those with RLS. While helpful, the idea of needles in not for everyone, in such a case, Acupressure can be done. This works in the same way as Acupuncture, only without the needles.


Some will prefer Reflexology over Acupuncture, when in essence there are the same, only Reflexology uses the feet and/or hands in place of the whole body. This practice of Reflexology focuses on the brain, head and spine being connected and reacts when certain parts of the feet are massaged

The pressure is applied thru techniques down with the thumb, fingers and hands and done without the use of oil or lotion in order to achieve the maximum effect, providing sufficient, therapeutic change to the body. For Reflexology treatment everyday, you can wear “acupressure” sandals, this will serve the same purpose to relieve and/or lessen RLS symptoms.

Each of these treatments, reflexology, acupressure or acupuncture, they each have their own particular way of approaching and treating stress one of the symptoms that is believed to be a cause of RLS.