Acupressure Point Names

Acupressure points are located on the body in reference to landmarks of an anatomical kind. For example some are to be found where there are protrusions on the body as well as where there are bone indentations. There are also acupressure points that can be found underneath many of the major muscle groups of the body.

In general points that are located near a structure of bone most often lie in an area of indentation, muscular points on the other hand tend to lie within a muscular band, a muscular cord, or a muscular knot of tension. In order to effectively stimulate this particular point it will be necessary to press down directly on the cord or perhaps to press directly into the hollow.

365 Points

Over time as the ancient art of acupuncture has evolved and has become more of part of mainstream Western medicine, each one of the 365 acupressure points on the body was given a poetic like name in accordance with a Chinese character. There is rich imagery connected to each point’s location.

To use an example, the name Hidden Clarity makes reference to the mental benefit or location of the point in question as it clears and relaxes the mind. Shoulder’s Corner makes preference to the location of a point.

Another example is the Three Mile Point, which got its name due to the fact that it makes it possible for an individual to have an extra three miles of energy. For example, joggers, hikers and runners often have attributed this relevant point to their desire to increase both their levels of endurance and stamina.

Tools for Meditation

Many of the acupressure points offer work as tools for meditation and a deep sense of relaxation. By pressing down on a point and then repeating it in your head a number of times you can at the same time be visualizing how this action is helping you and then breathing deeply, you can begin to experience the power of what the point has to offer you.

Each point has a certain degree of potential as that is what you need to unleash. There is a point known as the Sea of Vitality and this point is located in the lower back. If a person breathes deeply and then visualizes each and every one of their breaths, then will then be able to dig down deep and replenish their store of vitality and energy.

Letting Go points

It is possible to create affirmations which are strong statements regarding action, that correspond to each point and can help to increase the benefits of each point. As an example, there are points known as the Letting Go points that are located on the upper and outer portion of the chest area. By holding thee points carefully with your fingertips you should then breathe as deeply as possible and in your mind’s eye imagine letting go of all of the frustration, stress and tension that you hold inside of you.

To reinforce this point even more, as you hold and breathe, tell yourself silently that you are in the process of letting go of all degrees of anxiety, irritability as well as negativity. This should make a great deal of difference in how you physically and mentally feel.