Activities for Lymphoma Patients

Lymphoma is a serious form of cancer which plagues individuals throughout the world. Those who are diagnosed with lymphoma have many hurdles to jump throughout the treatment process.

With that said, it is important that one who has lymphoma take advantage of engaging in various activities which provide them with enjoyment and allow them to take their minds off of their illness for a period of time. There are many different activities which lymphoma patients might enjoy engaging in from time to time.


As lymphoma patients tend to experience bouts of tiredness due to their illness and treatment procedures, it is good to find activities which allow them to relax yet experience enjoyment all at the same time. One wonderful activity which lymphoma patients may wish to engage in is reading. Reading books and magazines is a great way to not only take ones mind off of their illness but allow them to transport themselves to a different time and place through their reading material.

Enjoy a Movie

Another activity which lymphoma patients may find quite enjoyable is going to the movies or renting videos at home. If one feels well enough to venture out, going to the movie theater is a great way to get out of the house yet engage in an activity that will not be too tiresome for the individual to take part in.

Just being able to leave the home and sit in a nice, darkened theater for a few hours is the perfect pastime for many people.

If ones lymphoma is at a stage where they are simply too tired to leave the home, renting videos is a wonderful entertainment option as well. Comedies are a great genre to rent as laughing makes an individual feel better, both inside and out.

There are a few different video companies which actually deliver videos right to ones door so as to make video renting as easy as possible.

Outdoor Activities

If one who has lymphoma is looking to engage in an outdoor activity which does not require too much energy, there are many different outdoor activities which may be perfect for that person. Walking is an activity that is enjoyable and can be done at ones own pace.

Whether it is walking in a park or simply around the block, an individual who goes out walking may find that it alleviates some stress and perhaps even some of the discomfort. It is good to keep the body as active as possible without tiring oneself out.

An individual who wishes to be outside yet not exert themselves too much may simply want to sit on a park bench or on their front porch to get some air. Fresh air does wonders when it comes to making an individual feel better and may even have some beneficial health results from doing so.

Play Games

Another wonderful activity which lymphoma patients may enjoy is playing board games. These types of games are wonderful for both entertainment and mental purposes. Games such as Scrabble improve an individuals vocabulary and brainpower by getting them to think, not to mention they are fun as well.