No one likes to see acne staring back at him or her from the mirror. Treating acne so it disappears fast and better yet preventing future breakouts is what every teen dreams of doing. Here are some tips for treating and preventing acne that are based on the causes of acne.

Keep it Clean

Washing your face with a mild soap and warm water twice a day is the single most important thing you can do for your face. Acne is caused by excess oil clogging the pores of your face so getting rid of the oil are going to help prevent pimples.

Avoid makeup that contains oil, you do not want to add oil to your face; you want to get rid of oil that is on it. Use makeup that is water-based or oil-free.

Pore it On

Unclog pores by using a pore strip or mask that will pull the blackheads out of the pores. Never squeeze a pimple or blackhead; doing so will only make your acne worse and prolong the healing process (the pimple will last longer).

Check labels of skin care products and if you find alcohol among the ingredients do not buy it. Alcohol will dry out your face and irritate the skin. Irritation is one cause of acne. A good rule of thumb when buying products is if you cant pronounce it dont buy it.

Remove excess oil and dead skin cells with an exfoliate.

Picking, squeezing and generally messing around with the acne on your face is a big no no. Leave the acne alone.

Know your Options

If you don’t have accurate details regarding acne, then you might make a bad choice on the subject. Don’t let that happen: keep reading and discover more important information that you need to know about acne.

Avoid the sun; most skin care medications are sun sensitive so wear a sun block.

Use a fresh razor every time you shave. Prepare your face for shaving by softening the beard. Ladies use gel on your legs before shaving. Use sensitive shaving gels and lotions so as not to irritate your skin. Limit your shaving to when you absolutely must shave. Do not shave too close or go over an area multiple times.

Choose oil-free makeup and skin care products or water based products. Do not go to sleep wearing makeup this can irritate your skin.

A good diet is essential to healthy skin. Fruits and vegetables and plenty of water is what the skin needs to heal quicker and prevent bacteria from making itself too comfortable on your skin.

Your body uses water to remove dead skin cells and to unblock pores, so drink up!

Look for and use natural skin care products to avoid irritants in many commercial products that can cause skin acne.

Exercise can actually help acne by improving blood flow to the skin, which will help support the healing process.

Above all, be patient if you are following the tips above, your skin should show some improvement very soon.

Remember acne happens to everyone. If you find yourself with a particular bad case of acne, do something about it. Make strides to follow home remedies, or find the time to seek proper medical advice from your doctor or dermatologist. Get recommendations from friends about what works for them.

You can’t predict when knowing something extra about acne will come in handy. If you learned anything new about acne today in this article, you should file the article where you can find it again or pass it along to your friends.

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