Sometimes when a person is afflicted with acid reflux, they can get symptoms that may seem at first to be a cold or flu. People develop a cough, their throats may feel sore, and they may lose their voice altogether. When a person has a cold, these symptoms may last for a few days, but will disappear.

But if these symptoms persist, they may be a sign of acid reflux. Along with voice loss, a person may have stomach aches, headaches, and may feel a burning sensation whenever they eat foods that are high in acid, grease, and fat. Acid reflux disease may be to blame and can lead to other problems if left untreated.

Throat Soreness

Acid reflux can cause the throat to become very sore. This happens when stomach acid leaves the stomach and travels to the lungs and even to the esophagus. The acid can become mixed with saliva which can affect the throat. This will cause a person to lose their voice.

Shortness of Breath

Another way acid reflux can cause a voice disorder is when the acid causes shortness of breath. This will limit the amount of air needed to speak. The vocal chords will be strained because of the extra work they have to do to when a person tries to speak. Over time, a persons vocal chords can become damaged and which will affect the voice. Their voice will either become thin and barely audible or it will become deeper.

Acid reflux can hurt not only a persons throat and vocal chords; it can also hurt a persons lungs and other organs including the heart. There are many ways to help a person who is suffering from acid reflux. A person will have to change their diet in order to stop the effects of acid reflux. Eating foods that do not contain acids, including certain fruits and other foods, is a good idea. A person will also have to avoid alcohol and only have a glass of wine occasionally. This will lead to less acid production and will hopefully help a persons throat to heal.


The vocal chords will need to be looked by a doctor who may have to perform surgery because sometimes when vocal chords are damaged, growth can occur. Tiny polyps may form which can make the voice scratchy and hurt when one speaks. Only a doctor will be able to diagnose this problem. If ones vocal chords hurt for more than a few days, it is important to see a doctor so that they can find a solution to the problem before it gets worse. Sometimes if a person waits too long, surgery will not be able to be performed because the added damage surgery might cause.

Acid reflux is a common disorder that can be helped, though not cured. Medications and diet will make a difference. A persons voice may be affected so it is important to see a doctor before the symptoms get worse. Only a doctor will be able to determine if a person has acid reflux and only a doctor will be able to prescribe medication.

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