Acid Reflux Symptoms

Acid reflux can affect anyone, from the elderly right down to infants. It happens when acids in the stomach are pushed back up through the esophagus. If a person has an ulcer, there stomach has more acid than it needs. If a person eats too quickly, undigested food will clog the passage way causing it and stomach acid to come back up. When a person participates in physical activity too soon after eating, they can develop acid reflux.

There are five major symptoms people should beware of when they think they may have acid reflux. See a doctor if the symptoms get worse over time or are so uncomfortable that you cannot function for long periods of time.


The first symptom is a burning sensation around the heart and lungs. This can occur minutes after finishing a meal or during the meal. The pain could last a few minutes to a few days. This is usually the most severe of all the symptoms and the most uncomfortable. People liken the pain to having a heart attack. A person should take an antacid pill and lie down if they can for a few minutes. Many times this symptom will vanish after a person is made comfortable. Try to get the person to also drink a glass of water which will help any food that is stuck in the digestive tract become free to move around.

Voice Loss

The loss of ones voice for a prolonged period of time is the second symptom of acid reflux. When a person has been coughing constantly, they may lose their voice. This is because the throat is dry. When a person suffers acid reflux, there may be many smaller symptoms that may lead a person to believe they have a cold. This is not always the case. Determining what a person has is possible by monitoring the cough, dryness in the throat, and other symptoms for a week. When a person has a common cold, these symptoms will usually disappear by then. Acid reflux will cause them to return or prolong them indefinitely.

Burping and Coughing

The third symptom of acid reflux is persistent coughing and burping throughout the day. This can mean that there is too much gas inside the stomach. When gas moves in the stomach, it can also cause stomach acid to escape. The acid can move near the lungs which is what is causing the coughing. If a person has had a bad cough for more than two weeks without other symptoms of a cold, they should go to a doctor.

Sour Taste

A sour, acrid taste in the mouth is the fourth symptom of acid reflux. This can last for several months and should be checked out by a doctor.


The fifth symptom of acid reflux is hoarseness, which is also caused by coughing too much .While this may just be a cold, these symptoms together should be enough to make a person visit their doctor. A few easy tests are all it will take to provide a diagnosis. Then the doctor can offer medication which should bring the acid reflux under control.