Acid Reflux Natural Treatment Options

The stomach acids in your stomach are there for a very good reason. Its not the actual acid that causes acid reflux. These acids are needed to break down food for proper digestion.

Many people suffer from acid reflux, often taking prescription drugs to treat it. In fact, you might be surprised to hear that acid reflux natural treatment options can take care of the problem most of the time.

I know what youre thinking – It cant be that simple, otherwise my doctor would not have prescribed medication. There are certainly times when the heavier guns are needed but for the most part acid reflux natural treatment options will take care of the problem. So lets have a look at those options.

Chew Chew Chew

A very simple acid reflux natural treatment is to simply chew more. Many of us are rushed when we are eating and you are likely the same.

If you take time to chew your food better, it will get the saliva and food ratio mix correct and then the digestion process will start right and you wont get acid reflux.

No More Snacking

Yet another simple acid reflux natural treatment is to reduce or eliminate snacks. With our new fear of weight gain more of us are trying to eliminate snacks from our diet. If you suffer from acid reflux it becomes critical to reduce or eliminate snacks so that those digestive juices can be stored for your next meal.

Drink Up

Now who would have thought that yet another simple acid reflux natural treatment would simply mean to drink more fluids when you eat. Are you seeing a pattern here of treatments that wont cost you any money.

You should drink a glass of water up to 60 minutes before you eat. Drink only up to 4 ounces with your actual meal. After you are finished eating drink as much water as you like.

Its All In The Food

Another common cause of acid reflux is eating too much at a meal so a simple acid reflux natural treatment is to eat less. When you eat too much you increase the pressure on the stomach, which then causes the content to be forced into the esophagus and you get acid reflux.

Your body needs a minimum of 2 hours to digest your food properly so dont lie down after eating. Another food related acid reflux natural treatment is to eliminate refined sugar, and fried food.

Acid Reflux Natural Treatment Sauerkraut

You might be surprised to discover that sauerkraut is an excellent method of relieving stomach acid. In just 10 minutes or less you should feel the effect of the sauerkraut as your acid reflux diminishes.

Tea Anyone?

When your acid reflux flares up an acid reflux natural treatment that works very well it in a cup of tea. You can purchase a prepared mix or you can purchase the plant leaves, roots, and flowers and make your own infusion.

Leave the infusion sitting in the water for 10 minutes to get the maximum value out of it. Chicory or chamomile are both good choices to reduce acid reflux.

You see treating your acid reflux is as simple as an acid reflux natural treatment and weve listed plenty to get you started.