Acid Reflux – Foods to Avoid


Doctors say acid reflux is affecting so many lives today because of the way people are choosing to eat. People are on the run all of the time and simply eating things for convenience. Fast food and unhealthy snacks are easy to scarf down and get on with the day, so that is what people are choosing to eat.

Not only are snacks full of unhealthy sugars and calories, they are also not good for your digestive system. In fact, some people are so sensitive to these unhealthy foods that they will have severe acid reflux or indigestion just because of their choice of diet.

If you suffer from these discomforts, there are certain foods you should avoid. Check out these five foods to avoid when you suffer with acid reflux and get on your way to a better life.

Many people think you should only avoid fast food and spicy foods, however there are many foods that are on the list of high risk foods for acid reflux that you would not even expect to see there.

In fact, many of these foods are considered healthy for a balanced diet. But, if you are sensitive to them and suffer often from indigestion and acid reflux, they are not the healthiest choice for you.

Fast Foods

Most of what you will get at a fast food place is not too good for your acid reflux. However, the most inappropriate choices are French fries and greasy burgers.

In addition, fried chicken is not that great for you as well. When you do have to eat at a fast food joint, consider eating their grilled options. Most places will offer at least one grilled chicken sandwich on their menu.

Fruits & Vegetables

As far as vegetables go, potatoes and onions are basically the biggest culprits for acid reflux and heartburn. In fact, most doctors suggest you avoid both at all costs. Mashed potatoes seem as if they would be harmless, but they cause a lot of problems when eaten by those who often suffer.

Fruits are more expected with their high content of acid. Tomatoes, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and cranberries have the highest acid content and should be avoided by anyone with digestive problems.


There are many people who think drinking milk when they have indigestion is a good idea. But, there are dairy products that can aggravate your indigestion and acid reflux.

Sour cream and ice cream are two of the biggest problem foods in the dairy category. Cottage cheese is another thing that may hurt your stomach.


There are a few drinks that can also cause problems when you have severe indigestion. You should certainly stay away from alcohol. You can indulge every now and then, but only in small amounts.

Liquor and wine are the worst forms you can drink. In addition, coffee and tea are also seen to be triggers for acid reflux.


There are not too many desserts that arent seen as being bad for acid reflux sufferers. Chocolate is one of the worst ingredients however to eat.

So, chocolate cakes or brownies can be very harmful to the digestive system. In addition, anything with a high content of butter is not good for you as well.

Last Updated on November 14, 2022