Acid Reflux and Diet

After youve been diagnosed with acid reflux, you will need to begin thinking about changing your diet. This can be difficult for some, but not for others. It depends on what a persons current diet is and then finding ways to alter it to fit into their lifestyle. Look into buying a few cookbooks for people who suffer from acid reflux. Filled with lists of acceptable and unacceptable food as well as recipes, a person can begin to add other food to their diet and remove ones that will aggravate their stomach.

Foods to Avoid for Acid Reflux

Foods that are greasy or contain too much daily should be avoided. These foods can cause the acid reflux to return. Too much red meat is also discouraged. For those who enjoy drinking wine or other alcoholic beverages, they should try to drink them in moderation as alcohol can have adverse effects on a person who has acid reflux.

Fast foods, such as hamburgers, french fries, and chicken nuggets should also be avoided. While this seems like a lot of food that one would miss, once a person discovers new recipes, they will learn how to prepare food in different ways. It is not only about avoiding certain foods; it is about how they are prepared as well.

Experiment and Adjust

This does not mean that all foods that are recommended to be avoided should be. This will depend on the persons stomach and the kinds of food that bother them. Experimentation is the only way to really tell. But for the most part, this list is a good reference guide especially when eating in a restaurant and not at home.
Some food that are on the to be avoided list may be acceptable as long as they are prepared another way. Deep frying most foods will not work for someone who has acid reflux. But baking these foods instead may be better. A person will have to experiment when preparing these foods as well.

Eat your Vegetables

Ask the doctor for a list of foods that are to be avoided and a list of foods that are good for those with acid reflux. Eating more vegetables and fruit that is not acidic is actually better for those who have acid reflux. Also ask which beverages should be avoided as well.

The more a person knows about the kinds of food they should be eating, they better off they will be. At first, a person will miss eating whatever they feel like during the day. But after a while they will begin enjoying better quality food and will not longer want greasy fast food. They may even develop a fondness for cooking that they never had before.

Preparing good food will also make a person healthier in the long term. It is better to miss certain foods than have to go through an acid reflux episode. Acid reflux can always reappear. Eating a healthy diet will help keep the episodes to a minimum and help a person live a long life.

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