Peruse the Internet for weight loss supplements and also search for colon cleansers, and you will soon notice that some of these products seem to go hand in hand. Touted as the weight loss and weight maintenance secrets of the Hollywood elite, these supplements claim to cleanse the colon a regimen that should be undertaken by anyone and everyone at regular intervals while at the same time aiding in the loss of excess weight. ** Weightloss Hype**

Citing amazing studies which showcase a loss of five to 20 pounds simply by cleansing the colon, it is not surprising that many a woman will undergo this flushing cleanse with benefits the overall health of the colon. If you have not done a colon cleanse in a while, you will be surprised to realize that indeed you will be loosing a significant amount of weight while following this regimen and it might spur you on to repeat it sooner rather than later.

Since many natural colon cleansers contain laxatives in varying strengths it is only a small step from using a colon cleanser to abusing it. Symptoms which showcase your use of the substances may be in opposition with their intended purposes are obvious:

You will suffer from uncontrollable thirst, especially the longer you submit to the use of laxatives that will not give the colon enough time to absorb the water from the fecal matter as it passes through your intestinal tract.

You will feel bloated because of the buildup of psyllium husks materials and other laxatives that are commonly used in colon cleansers.

Nausea and vomiting are sure signs that your stomach and upper intestinal tract are irritated by the use of the substances.

Your abdomen will feel tender to pressure and bending at the waist is severely curtailed or in some cases so painful that you will no longer be able to bend.

If you do not take the warning signs seriously and visit a doctors office to create a successful plan for turning the abuse of colon cleansers and laxatives around, you will quite possibly face the next round of more severe, in some cases even fatal, side effects that accompany the weight loss and feelings of good health and well being you once hoped for when you initially began your treatment regimens:

Your colon may become dependant on the use of laxatives for the evacuation of fecal matter and sudden withdrawal will result in almost immediate bouts of serious constipation. A physicians intervention is needed at this point.

As the abuse of the colon cleansers continues, you will suffer from severe nutrient deficiencies and also protein loss. Supplementation at this point is vital but most over the counter vitamins and supplements will not be sufficient for this purpose and it will take medical intervention to reverse the bodys slow starvation.

Kidney failure, diabetes, thyroid malfunction, insomnia, and also anorexia may be tied to the abuse of these substances. Muscle weakness is directly related to a severe imbalance of electrolytes and it is only a matter of time until an irregular heartbeat is felt.

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