Our abdomens or tummies come in different shapes and sizes. Cultural influences like television and magazines frame what we think of as normal. Various environmental factors affect them such as time, gravity, pregnancies and these all take their toll on how they look. Which surgeon you choose is very important as not all surgeons will offer the same method of tummy tuck.

Our bodies are three dimensional. Excess sagging tissue often extend from the front to the sides and to the back of the body. Surgery can treat these and other arrears from sculpturing and leaving certain parts alone.

The Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucks can provide very rewarding benefits as long as the patient understands the risk of complications. It is essential that a patient knows the risks involves with all surgical procedures and an Abdominoplasty surgeon should be willing to discuss and review the risks with you. The surgeon should perform a thorough medical examination of his patient before the tummy tuck surgery to identify whether that patient poses a higher risk for complications.


A tummy tuck operation is performed following the administration of anaesthesia. Anaesthesia in itself carries risks and following the tummy tuck surgery, there is also a risk of infection and blood clots. Blood clots are usually avoided by making sure the patient moves around as soon as possible following the tummy tuck surgery. Conditions such as poor healing might require another operation and it is advisable to address this with the tummy tuck surgeon before the surgery commences.


During your initial consultation you will find the benefits of the tummy tuck. The surgeon should carry out a full evaluation of the patients health and lifestyle to decide whether a tummy tuck will be the best choice. A patient should be prepared to disclose all their medical history and their expectations. In return the surgeon will be able to explain whether a patients expectations are feasible.

This is very important as the more information a patient provides their surgeon, the happier they are likely to be with the results. Another reason for the importance of honestly is due to the risks that can influence the outcome of a tummy tuck operation and the increased risk of complications.

During this consultation the surgeon will discuss the finances of the operation along with other aspects of the surgical procedure. The patient will be given instructions based upon their individual conditions to help prepare them for their tummy tuck. To prepare for the tummy tuck, a patient will be given guidelines regarding their diet along with other lifestyle changes that are needed. These instructions are only temporary although it is essential to follow them as they help avoid the risk of complications during and after the procedure.

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