Burning Calories for Weight Loss

There are all kinds of ways to lose weight. Yet, every diet plan should include exercise, which is the best way of burning calories for weight loss. However, there are certain ways of exercising that will target certain areas. For instance, there are fat burning exercising, calorie burning exercising, strength training and toning exercises.
The most common are calorie burning exercises.

Why is Calorie Burning Important?

Why is calorie burning the most common type of exercise? When we burn calories, we are burning the food we eat. We are also getting our metabolism moving which makes us burn more calories and lose weight. Most of people that are trying to lose weight want to burn calories.


One type of very effective exercise is swimming. Swimming causes us to use more of our energy and burn more calories. Swimming can also be effective because for many, it is a form of relaxation and will not feel so much like a chore. It can make weight loss more enjoyable! You can also include family and friends in this activity making it a social time as well!


Another way to lose weight is by doing household chores. For example, common house work done every day can burn one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty calories. Making beds can burn about one hundred and thirty calories. Standing can burn around one hundred and forty calories. Mowing the lawn can help you lose two hundred and fifty to four hundred calories! Raking leaves can burn about two hundred calories.

Do you like to garden as a hobby? That hobby can burn up to four hundred and fifty calories.

Going downstairs can burn about four hundred and twenty calories. Upstairs may burn as much as six hundred. Walking slowly can burn about one hundred and fifty calories, while a brisk walk can burn about three hundred to four hundred and eighty!

Cardiovascular Workouts

Another type of exercise is a cardiovascular workout. This type will get your blood pumping, your heart going as well as your metabolism. Aerobics is an example of this type of exercise. Also, jogging is another type. If you are not comfortable running outdoors alone, take your dog or ask a friend to join you. If you do not like running in front of people jogging in place inside your home is just as effective as jogging outside.

Strength and Toning

Also, you may look at strength training or toning exercises to help you with your calorie burning workout. For instance, lifting weights builds muscles. This helps to tone your weight.


When trying to burn calories, what you eat is another factor. Foods full of grains and fiber will speed up metabolism. Recent years have shown that eating yogurt and low fat milk may speed up metabolism. Make sure you eat breakfast as well. Eating breakfast revs up your metabolism for the day. Eating a balanced diet of these foods as well as exercising daily will contribute in your weight loss and speed up your health.