Protein Power Diet

Protein Power is a book written by Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades. I highly recommend reading the book if you’re at all interested in low carb diets. It explains the science quite well. This diet is slightly less restrictive about carbs than Atkins, but it’s still quite low by normal standards.

Protein Power Food Plan

On Phase I, you should eat 30g or less of carbohydrates a day and in Phase II, you should eat 55g or less. After that, the number of carbs you are “allowed” is based on your lean body mass. The book also contains a method for figuring out your body fat percentage, your lean body mass, and the amount of protein that your body requires.

To help with meal planning, they have included charts listing ways that you can get that amount of protein as well as lists of the amounts of carbohydrates in common foods (conveniently broken up into 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, and 35g servings depending on the level of carbs that you want to eat.) There is also a message board regarding the diet located at The Protein Power Forums.

Adequate Protein

There is a subtle difference between Protein Power and other low carb diets. Most low carb diets focus on counting the carbs and making sure that you do not eat many of them. The focus in Protein Power, however, is more about making sure you eat enough protein. Sure, they do limit the carbs and you are still supposed to watch the carbs that you eat. But the focus of the diet is slightly different.

The Protein Power Diet is great for meat-lovers, but it’s also adaptable to a vegetarian diet. While it’s certainly never easy to be a vegetarian following a low carb diet, the slightly higher carb allowances help you to incorporate proteins from dairy products.

The Protein Diet should not be treated as just a diet to lose weight. It represents a lifestyle change. You should plan on eating in a similar fashion for the rest of you life. Fortunately, it is a healthy plan.

Low carb diets do not work for everyone. Some people find that they simply cannot tolerate that much meat or they crave pasta too much. However, if you’ve decided that you want to try a low carb diet, then the Protein Power diet is a very good choice.