Treadmill Exercise Program

There are many people who will find any number of excuses to avoid exercise or who may be too busy with friends and family to bother about staying in shape, and end up using just a treadmill exercise program.

However, a good treadmill exercise program may be just the solution they are looking for as it will take away the excuses and firmly put them on the road to healthier and better living. After all, the treadmill exercise program does not require learning any new skill and nor is the weather or boredom able to adversely affect the person in training to stay in shape.

The treadmill is a machine which allows a person to walk or jog in place, and which enables the person using it to control the pace of their strides and is also a helpful aerobic exercise that does not involve leaving the home.

Burn Calories and Maintain Health

The treadmill exercise is superior to other indoor exercise machines and it is very beneficial to losing extra weight and burning unwanted calories and in helping a person to stay in peak form. A treadmill exercise program allows a person to burn on average 700 calories per hour which is 200 calories more than for an exercise bike, for example.

The convenience of a treadmill exercise program is such that the person using it can do so at the pace of his or her own choosing as well as maintain a regular walking program. To begin with, the treadmill exercise program may be of only five to ten minutes duration and it may also have a warm up and cool-down period to ensure that no injuries are sustained, as with any other form of physical activity.

Once the person gets into the groove of the treadmill exercise program, the duration may be extended for about 35 to 40 minutes of brisk walking. This may enable the person to achieve more mileage as well as a better heart rate.

To obtain maximum advantage from the treadmill exercise program, a person may try to reach the point of walking in the targeted heart rate zone; this is calculated by subtracting the person’s age from 220 to arrive at the Maximum Heart Rate (MHR).

The target zone may be anything that is in the range of 50 to 90 percent of the MHR. When the person reaches greater fitness it may require him or her to work much more and walk faster to keep in the target zone.

While using a treadmill exercise program a few points need to be addressed, such as having the right footwork, walking from the waist to get better hip rotation, and letting the arms swing in the same manner of going forwards and back that is in tune with the movement of the hips and legs. Keeping these points in mind and following them will help achieve the most optimum benefits from your treadmill exercise program.