Weight Loss Exercise Training Program

Studies show that the older we get, the more difficult it is for us to lose weight. People who have had successful diets for years eventually reach a point when their diets suddenly become ineffective and they start to gain weight despite their continued diligence to their diets. This is because, once we pass our mid-twenties and begin to age naturally, our metabolisms slow down and we burn less calories. That’s age and our biological make-up at work.

Eventually, we come to the realization that, for continued weight loss, an exercise training program is mandatory. There are many effective weight loss exercise training programs that people can undertake without cramping their lifestyles or schedules. They just have to commit a certain amount of time, energy and dedication to the task at hand.

Of course, weight loss exercise training programs have also been embraced by the growing legions of people who have grown sick and tired of dieting and who believe that diets just don’t work. Just imagine, despite their best efforts and Herculean resolve, about 90% experience the same results or, more accurately, lack of results: the weight they lose dieting soon comes back, with extra pounds to boot. No wonder some of the most diligent exercise buffs are former dieters who have seen the light.

Dieters Should Switch to Exercise

Yet, there are still people who prefer dieting to a weight loss exercise training program. These dieters have to remember one thing: when you diet, you lose fat but also muscle. Losing muscle means that your metabolism will slow down and you will burn a lesser number of calories. Where you once could spend the day skipping meals and watching TV while still keeping the same weight, a time will come when you will have so little muscles that the calories in your body won’t burn as easily and you will gain weight despite eating lesser and lesser amounts of food.

The assumption of an effective weight loss exercise training program is that to keep on losing weight, a person must have a ‘caloric deficit,’ which means that he expends more calories than he takes in. Some believe that fad diets and crash diets can achieve the same thing, but they are less effective and even dangerous in extreme cases.

The best way to achieve such a caloric deficit is through exercise and proper nutrition. Exercise is ideal because we burn calories and at the same time add muscles which help us burn even more calories. According to health estimates, each pound of muscle we have burns up to 350 calories per week. With so many muscles, we actually even burn calories when we sleep.

Aerobics, Jogging and Others

Among the hallmarks of most effective weight loss exercise training programs are exercises such as aerobics, jogging and distance running. Most such programs begins with a three to five minute warm up/stretching session to increase the heart rate (the target heart rate depends on an individual’s age). Once you’ve warmed up, start exercising for 15 to 20 minutes within the lower end of your target heart rate while increasing in intensity as the workout progresses. End with a cool down period of another three to five minutes to allow your heart rate to return to normal.