A low cholesterol diet is achieved by eating foods low in saturated fat and concentrating on the following:

• Use herbs instead of salt in cooking.

• Consume fat free, skim, or 1% dairy products

• Watch out for bottled and canned drinks and especially for sports beverages – many are very high in sodium, calories, and sugars.

• Choose only lean meats. Enjoy white meats, fish, and poultry rather than red meats.

• Eat plenty of fish

• Enjoy only skinless poultry
• Select plenty of whole grain foods

• Eat lots of fruits

• Read food labels and choose foods low in fats (especially saturated, polyunsaturated, and hydrogenated fats), sodium, and cholesterol

• Choose fresh rather than processed, spiced, prepared, pickled or tinned foods. If you cannot find fresh produce out of season, try frozen foods that have no sauces or other ingredients added.

• Eat lots of vegetables