9 Headache Tips

Tip 1
The essential oil from ginger is useful in fighting the nausea of migraine headaches. Put a few drops on your temple or in a diffuser and that should take care of your headache in about 20 minutes. You can also try the same method with lavender oil.

Tip 2
You can use essential oils to cure headaches. By using lavender is to take a facecloth and make it into a compress by putting it in water, warm or cold as you prefer, having added five drops of lavender to the water first. Use the compress on either your neck or your forehead while resting.

Tip 3

If you get cluster headaches you could consider pure oxygen therapy where you inhale no more than 10 litres of oxygen a minute for no more than 15 minutes a time. It is a rather pricy option, but for some it is the only treatment that works. Should not be used more than 5 times in any 24 hour period.

Tip 4
Migraine headaches are a very specific form of headache that is trademarked by the intense feelings of pain that one experiences when they are having a migraine attack. While many people may brush off the effects of a migraine as just a headache, a migraine is actually a neurological disease that demands proper attention in order to be sufficiently treated.

Tip 5
If you are prone to headaches, avoid caffeine. Ingesting caffeine can cause certain peoples bodies to react negatively and they experience a headache.

Tip 6
Food can very often trigger headaches, but it isnt always solved by avoiding certain foods. Lack of food can also cause headaches. So while it is important to avoid trigger foods like chocolate, aged cheese and any products with vinegar, getting decent food and three meals a day is essential as well.

Tip 7
When it comes to treating migraine headaches, the best bet is often the usage of a preventative medication in order to prevent the migraines from occurring in the first place. Using traditional pills such as aspirin to treat migraines are often ineffective, as they can lose their efficiency over time and cause rebound headaches.

Tip 8
Migraine headaches can very often be treated by getting a prescription for anti depressant drugs. It is quite a common practice in some places but it is not known precisely why it works.

Tip 9

Migraine headaches appear to be hereditary, with a full eighty percent of migraine sufferers having a family history of the headaches. In a situation in which one parent has migraine headaches, the child has a roughly fifty percent chance of experiencing them as well.

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