6 Tips to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks have long since the bane of existence for expecting moms the world over. Growing boys and girls in particular, as well as those struggling with weight gain know that stretch marks and their appearance are usually par for the course. While many remedies abound that are said to help prevent them, the sad truth reveals that more often than not these stretch marks still happen in spite of the application of creams and lotions.

Much has been written about commercially available products that claim to not only diminish the appearance of stretch marks but in some cases to eradicate them completely. While more often than not these claims are vastly exaggerated, the fact that there are things you can do in your everyday life to greatly lessen the visibility of stretch marks with easy approaches that do not require the purchase of outlandish products is heartening to many.

Here are six easy ways to reduce the appearance of unsightly stretch marks:

    1. Aloe Vera gel mixed with vitamin E is a well known home remedy for stretch marks. Visit your local health food store and you will most likely find a lotion mixed of these two ingredients already or simply make your own by purchasing high quality Aloe Vera gel and breaking open vitamin E capsules to mix the liquid with the gel.

    2. Eat leafy green veggies, drink your milk, and do not forget the tomatoes! The vitamin K that is contained therein is known to be a powerful building block of elastic skin and by ensuring that you ingest enough of this vitamin you also build up your skin from the inside out. Another bit of folk wisdom recommends that you eat sufficient amounts of zinc, such as they can be found in nuts and also seeds, as this will help to prevent new stretch marks from forming.

    3. Lavender oil not only smells great and relaxes you, but it is also known to help with stretch marks. It is questionable if it is the lavender portion or the oil itself that is working its magic on your skin, but thus far it has been found to work wonders on even the angriest looking stretch marks.

    4. Other oils that have been suggested are olive oil (only the high quality kinds), avocado oil, and sweet almond.

    5. Cocoa butter is at the top of the list of substances that will help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The more cocoa butter in the lotion of your choice, the better.

    6. In the cases of slight stretch marks, exfoliating rubs, especially apricot, are known to have contributed to almost making them fade into oblivion.

There are of course a lot more remedies that will help you to reduce the appearance of unsightly stretch marks. Whenever using herbal mixtures, make sure you first discuss the application onto the skin with your physician to ensure that nothing will be absorbed into your body that might counteract any medication you are currently taking or aggravate any medical condition from which you might be suffering.