6 Tips to Avoid Getting Sick from the Flu

The flu is perhaps one of the most common reasons why so many days are missed at school and work each year. There is no cure for the flu as viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics or other drugs. Only the symptoms can be treated to make your time with the flu be more comfortable (as if that were possible!).

While there are flu shots and even a new flu mist nasal vaccine, these are not always successful in helping your combat the flu. In fact, many people get the flu anyway even with the flu vaccine. However, there are some things you can do to avoid getting sick from the flu this season:

    1. Get some restful sleep! Many people get sick simply because they are tired. When your body is fatigued, this lowers your immune response to germs which in turn makes you sick. The flu is particularly sneaky and get past your defenses if you are not more diligent about rest.

    2. Get your daily dose of garlic. Garlic has long been touted as a “miracle” for colds and other illnesses and it also helps fend off the flu. Fresh garlic has anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties which makes it an awesome defense for your immune system. Do not bother with garlic pills as only fresh garlic provides these beneficial properties. Mix crushed fresh garlic in with your vegetable juice or just hold your nose and eat a spoonful, the equivalent of several cloves a day.

    3. Exercise is a great way to boost your immune system response to infection. With exercise, your blood flows better and circulation increases, thus allowing your bodys defenses to better find an illness in your system and fight it. If possible, do some of your exercising in the fresh air outside as indoor air tends to trap germs and be drier.

    4. Washing your hands is a main factor in preventing the flu. Do not use an antibacterial soap as it can hinder your ability to fight off later infections if you get one that is resistant to a particular antibiotic. Instead, use a chemical-free, natural soap and vigorously lather up for at least as long as it would take to sing the happy birthday song. You will be killing those viral germs that can cause both colds and flu.

    5. Keep your hands away from your face. If you are not in a position to wash your hands, keep them away from your face. You can easily pick up viral germs off most surfaces like a shopping cart, door knob, telephone and more. Germs are easily absorbed through moist and mucosal tissues so that means your eyes, nose and mouth should not be touched or rubbed with your hands unless they have been washed thoroughly.

    6. Vamp up your diet to include a healthy selection of vegetables and fruits. In addition, try to cut out as much sugar as possible. Sugar is known to reduce your immune system response so choosing foods low in sugar or avoiding those laden in the sweet stuff can help boost the effectiveness of your immune system.