4 more bodies found at serial killer burial site in Connecticut

Police have found the remains of more victims behind a strip mall in Connecticut that police believe was where a serial killer dumped his bodies.

Authorities found four more victims in the wooded area where the partial skeletons of three women were found back in 2007, causing New Britain police Chief James Wardwell to call it “certainly the burial site” for a suspected serial killer, according to an Associated Press report.

Wardwell was tight-lipped about who they think was the serial killer, saying only that the person is not a threat to the public but refusing to comment on whether a person is in custody or even what the person’s name is.

Police identified Melanie Ruth Camilini of Seymour as one of the victims. She had last been seen in 2003, like the other victims. The remaining three victims have not yet been identified.

Every year since 2007 when the first bodies were found, police have returned to the scene to look for new victims. The first three remains that were discovered belonged to Diane Cusack, Joyvaline Martinez, and Mary Jane Menard. A hunter had stumbled across them.

Wardwell said all three of them had substance abuse problems and often frequented the same neighborhood.

At seven victims, this would be one of the worst killing sprees in Connecticut history, rivaling that of Michael Ross, who killed eight women and girls in both New York and Connecticut in the 1980s. He was executed in 2005.