3D Mammography, RFID Glucose Monitor, and Chronic Sinusitis

And now, a recap of some of the most interesting blog posts from my readings this week.

Medgadget on a new radiological diagnostic tool called Stereoscopic Digital Mammography. BBN Technologies, which dates back to 1948, is the company behind this technique, now in clinical trials:

3D Mammography Improves Cancer Detection

Diabetes Mine on a company called VeriChip announcing an implantable RFID chip for glucose monitoring. The press release describes the device as ”a prototype self-contained implantable bio-sensing device included in an RFID microchip (the “Microchip”) that for the first time will have the ability to measure glucose levels in the human body.”

Some interesting debate in the comments about RFID chips and cancer.

VeriChip to Unveil Tiny Implantable Glucose Sensor

Walter at Highlight Health has a good recap of a study on treatment of chronic sinus infections with nasal irrigation, a subject close to home, since I suffer from foresaid condition.

Saline Nasal Irrigation More Effective than Spray for Chronic Sinus Symptoms

Michelle at HippocraTech posted this roundup of medical search engines which includes many I wasnt aware of.

A Cornucopia of Medical Search Engines and Portals

Maggie Mahar at Healthbeat deconstructs a recent New York Times editorial on rising health care costs, calling them out on a few errors.

The New York Times “Gets Cracking” on Rising Health Care Costs

PLOS Medicine is featuring an essay on the claimed links between serotonin and clinical depression that makes a convincing case for some rethinking.

Serotonin and Depression: A Disconnect between the Advertisements and the Scientific Literature

Dr Rich explains Medicares “evaluation and management”: guidelines for billing at The Covert Rationing Blog

And Finally, Science Library Pad test drives a beta of the latest version of Elsevier’s free 2collab bookmarking service, and gives a good rundown of it’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to some of the other scientific bookmarking systems.