Step-by-Step Hangover Cure

There is not much you can do about the alcohol you consumed last night, you can however make some smart decisions about the steps you will take to cure the hangover banging inside your head. Here are some steps that others have taken to cure their hangovers. What works for some may not work for others. Still, its worth a try as living with the hangover certainly isn’t going to be a bed of roses.

This first hangover cure is quite difficult to accomplish and may take some time to get through, but if you follow all of he steps, you just may feel human again.

    1. Get some sleep. Right now getting rest is what your body needs to recover. Leaving the house and going to work, usually isn’t a good option when your body is dehydrated and you can’t function. Call in sick to work, as you will more than likely sound like you are on death’s bed anyways.

    2. Drink plenty of fruit juice (orange juice is good) and plain water.

    3. Do not drink or eat anything with caffeine in it. Caffeine will dehydrate you further.

    4. Drink Gatorade or Powerade.

    5. Eat food rich in minerals like pickles or canned fish.

    6. Some swear by drinking pickle juice.

    7. If you have the ingredients, drink a “Bloody Mary”. Tomato juice and celery are full of vitamins.

    8. Take a cold/hot shower switching periodically between the two temperatures

    9. Alka Seltzer Morning Relief will be a welcome relief indeed.

    10. Any sort of physical exercise that you can tolerate will be good for you.

    11. Stay away from acetaminophen (Tylenol) as it and alcohol do not mix and can cause liver damage if taken together too often. Ibuprofen works well but you need to protect your stomach by eating something before or during the time you swallow them with lots of water.

    12. Avoid cymbals, blaring horns and loud speakers.

    13. The off switch and curtains are your new best friends.

    14. Eating or drinking anything with tomatoes in it is sure to bring relief.

    15. Learn to forgive yourself, but learn from your mistakes.

    16. Understanding limits is a good thing, knowing when to say when; next time, is a valuable lesson.

Just as alcohol makes different people act differently. Individuals with different weights, heights and ages will respond in very different ways to the same alcoholic beverage and same number of drinks. One persons limit may not be another persons.

Males can drink two drinks and be fine, a woman weighting 120 pounds may only be able to handle one drink of the same type. Just as alcohol can be different in how it affects people, these hangover steps may yield different results with different individuals. Experiment and discover what works best for you. Remember, you always have the option to limit your intake, or even to say no to alcohol altogether.