10 Week Bodybuilding Diet

There are a few bodybuilders who can accommodate extreme changes in a short amount of time and start on their bodybuilding diet immediately. Most people, however, will take some time to incorporate the recommended bodybuilding diet into their lives and introduce it in small steps over a period of time.

It is recommended that changes in the diet of bodybuilders should be done in several small steps so that the results are better and they can reach the bigger goal in a healthy way.

New Aims Every Two Weeks

Bodybuilders should make the changes in their accustomed diet slowly, in small steps, to ensure their success. Every step will be building on how successful the previous step was, so it is important that the steps are not taken in a rush. In order to get the perfect body they are aiming for, the bodybuilders will have to have a lot of commitment and perseverance with regard to the task at hand.

The bodybuilding diet is supposed to trigger a consistent loss of fat with simultaneous muscle gain if it has varying aims every two weeks, and the initial two weeks should be used for cutting down the fat intake. This may include boiling and steaming food which would’ve been fried, replacing high-fat food with low-fat alternatives.

Sugar and Water Consumption

The next two weeks of the bodybuilding diet plan changes, you will have to reduce the intake of refined sugars. Thus, you will have to drink diet sodas instead of the regular sodas, cut out other sweet food and also table sugar.

Weeks five and six of the bodybuilding nutrition will involve the bodybuilder increasing the amount of water he drinks and making water the main drink of his diet over fruit juices, sodas, etc.

The bodybuilder should try to drink about eight ounces of water with every meal and have at least sixteen ounces of water during his bodybuilding workouts.

Caloric Intake

During the weeks seven and eight, the bodybuilder has to keep an eye on and limit the amount of calories he consumes. Due to the alteration in the diet plan he is used to and the usual human cravings, this time will be the most difficult part of the bodybuilding diet plan.

This is the time when the most amazing results appear and an individual’s lean body mass has to be multiplied by a factor of twelve to get the base caloric intake on a daily basis. This quantity has to be divided by five or six for male bodybuilders, and by four or five for females to get the amount of calories that has to be consumed with every meal.
The bodybuilder will come closer to the perfect diet in the weeks nine and ten.